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Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals:

Son, Keonhi. 2024. "The Origin of Social Policy for Women Workers: The Emergence of Paid Maternity Leave in Western Countries." Comparative Political Studies 57 (1): 69-100.

Son, Keonhi. 2024. "Ship of Theseus: From ILO Standards to Outcome of Maternity Protection Policy." Journal of Social Policy 53 (1): 189-217.   

Son, Keonhi. 2023. "Do International Treaties Only Have an Impact on Ratifying States?: The Influence of the ILO Maternity Protection Conventions in 160 States, 1883 until 2018." International Labour Review 162 (2): 245-269.   

Son, Keonhi, and Tobias Böger. 2021. "The Inclusiveness of Maternity Leave Rights over 120 Years and across Five Continents." Social Inclusion 9 (2): 275-287.   

Son, Keonhi, and Reimut Zohlnhöfer. 2019. "Measuring Privatization: Comparing Five Indicators of the Disposition of State-Owned Enterprises in Advanced Democracies." Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice 21 (4): 402-422. 


•     The Annual JCPA Best Article Award, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, International Comparative Policy Analysis Forum.   

Book Chapters:

Son, Keonhi. 2022. "Colonialism and Paid Maternity Leave Policies in Sub-Saharan Africa." In Research Handbook on Leave Policy: Parenting and Social Inequalities in a Global Perspective, edited by I. Dobrotić, S. Blum and A. Koslowski, 310-323. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Böger, Tobias, Keonhi. Son, and Simone Tonelli. 2022. "Origins of Family Policy: Prerequisites or Diffusion." In Networks and Geographies of Global Social Policy Diffusion, edited by Michael Windzio, Ivo Mossig, Fabian Besche-Truthe and Helen Seitzer, 169-193. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan.

Other Publications:

Dobrotić, Ivana, Keonhi. Son, Cassandra Engeman, Marie Valentova, and Tolga Aksoy. 2023. “Comparative Leave Policy Databases: Which Leave Policy Design Elements Are Monitored Through Comparative Leave Policy Indicators?” In Parenting Leave Policy Data Gaps: a Comparative Critical Analysis, edited by I. Dobrotić and A. A. Arnalds, 32-61. COST Action Parental Leave Policies and Social Sustainability (Sustainability@Leave).

Schober, Pia., Sonja Blum, Thordis Reimer, Keonhi Son, and Anna. M. Stertz. 2023. “Germany Country Note” In International Review of Leave Policies and Research 2023, S. Blum, I. Dobrotić, G. Kaufman, A. Koslowski and P. Moss.

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